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Chef Bio

The Symbiotic Chef

Chef Greg Mason started his professional culinary career two decades ago and has designed menus at various Baltimore and San Francisco restaurants. In 2014 he became the opening Executive Chef of The White Oak Tavern, specializing in seasonal menus and high-volume events.


In 2020, he became a certified Primal Health Coach and a USPCA member. Shortly after, he started his personal chef company, The Symbiotic Chef, LLC. He combines his culinary expertise with his knowledge of healthy food options, quality ingredients, and sustainable lifestyle choices to design and create meal prep and private events for customers. He enjoys combining exciting flavors, unique ingredients, and versatile techniques from all over the world to develop his interpretation of New American Cuisine.


Chef Greg Mason values fresh ingredients, working with local farmers and small businesses to provide the highest quality product for customers. He and his staff believe that creating well-designed scratch cuisine with heart and soul will result in a delicious, high-quality product that will keep customers coming back for more.

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Why Hire The Symbiotic Chef?

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